[Link] Paradise Pier vs Dinoland USA: Why do I like one and hate the other?

I’ve always enjoyed these video essays from Rob Plays. He always brings interesting points outside the common ideas.

Dinoland U.S.A. has always been a visual disaster for Disney fans. I enjoyed it a a small age, but over time the whole place looks out of place.

Meanwhile, Paradise Pier has always been visually interesting for me. Ive never been in DCA and my comments are only based on pictures and videos.

Nostalgia is one of the key features in many theme lands across Disney parks. And maybe Rob is right saying that how we perceive the theming of a land might involve hoy much nostalgia and emotional investment we have for it.

Source: Rob Plays

Once Upon A Time

For several years, I’ve thought about making this blog. Every single time my mind would take care of it and create a bunch of excuses. After all those years, here I am and it feels like the greatest thing ever.

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Hi, I am Rafael Gorrochotegui and Disney has always been a huge part of my life. I am from Caracas, Venezuela. I’ve visited the parks at least a dozen times, including Anaheim, Orlando and Paris.

My intent for this blog is to share the news, reviews, analysis and nerdy stuff that Disney fans enjoy. I have always wanted to write about the movies and the parks, but with so many blogs it is difficult to make a difference. But my own views, my opinions, might bring a new light on many topics.

The fact that I consider myself a Foreign Dis Fan is because the Disney community has made me feel part of something bigger. Right now, I’m living in a struggling country when some joy and fun always helps. I want to share these feelings with the many other fans out there and also express my thoughts as a fan who maybe isn’t always face to face with other fans, but it wants to be a part of it every single day.

The Foreign Dis Fan is meant to have a deep analysis and study on the Disney theme parks, movies, series, and more.

To all who’ve come to this happy blog, bienvenidos.