Star Wars Explained Fills Some Gaps In The Star Wars Universe

After a Star Wars film, I’m always curious to know more about intricate details about the universe as a whole. Even though I haven’t read any of the Star Wars canon books, there are many details that are useful to understand some characters from the films that don’t have as much development.

Star Wars Explained, a YouTube channel, is a great source of all things Star Wars. The channel explains small details about the films, explores the canon books and the legends. With all this information in place, it is a great way to understand more of the movies or just get into the universe that is explained in the books and Star Wars Rebels.

Here are some of my favorite videos so far:

You can watch more in the Star Wars Explained channel.

The Incomparable Covers All Your Star Wars ‘The Last Jedi’ Needs

Maybe you haven’t heard about The Incomparable, a podcast network focused on media and geeky culture. As part of their programming, they are constantly talking Star Wars. They have so many episodes about Star Wars that they have an RSS feed that includes all the Star Wars-related episodes in the network. As of right now, they already have three episodes about The Last Jedi and each guest talks in-depth about every single detail of the Star Wars universe.

You can copy/paste this URL to your podcast app of choice: The Incomparable

Orlando Sentinel: Stolen Stroller From Disney World Found After Facebook Ad

Even though you’re in Disney World, some people might take advantage of the floods of people coming through the gate. This $1,400 stroller was found in a strange way.

If you’re staying in the parks, take care of your belonging. Even though Cast Members are constantly paying attention to the guests and the strollers parked in the attractions, the parks are so crowded it’s unavoidable that some events like this might happen.

Source: Orlando Sentinel