Disney And The Union Without A Deal Regarding Hourly Wage

As of now, cast member have a $10/h per hour wage. The Union wants a contract with a $15/hour wage. The Disney Parks management always face problems dealing cast member’s wages. It is sad that many employees have been loyal to the company for decades, but they get few benefits from it.

WFTV reports:

Disney has offered a 5 percent raise over two years, which the union has rejected.

Both sides were hoping Wednesday that some sort of compromise will be hammered out to avoid the possibility of a union strike.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll get to something that both the company and the union will agree on,” Magic Kingdom parking hostess Susie Easton said. “As far as how long that will take, I don’t know.”

Disney representatives have said they agree employees deserve a raise, but the amount is what neither side can agree on.

When asked about the possibility of a strike, Magic Kingdom parking coordinator Jeff Clayton said that was not a step employees wanted to take.

That doesn’t mean it’s out of the question, Clayton said.

Disney know that the parks and resorts need employees to make the magic happen. They better handle this situation as smooth as possible to keep the loyalty of thousands of employees. And their park fans too.

Source:WDW Info, WFTV

2017’s Box Office In Decline, Even With The Last Jedi On The Horizon

According to Variety, this year’s Box Office might be lower than last year, even with The Last Jedi expected to be the highest grossing movie in the holiday season.

Variety explains:

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” has been tracking for a $200 million opening on Dec. 15 to Dec. 17, which would be the fourth-highest domestic launch of all time, behind “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at $248 million, 2015’s “Jurassic World” at $208.8 million, and 2012’s “The Avengers” at $207.4 million.

Other potentially strong end-of-the-year entries include Sony’s “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and Fox’s Hugh Jackman musical “The Greatest Showman,” both opening on Dec. 20, and Universal’s “Pitch Perfect 3,” which launches two days later.

Should the industry make it to $11 billion by the end of the year, it will be only the third time that’s happened. Grosses hit $10.8 billion in 2012 and $10.9 billion in 2013, then slid to $10.4 billion in 2014.

“This year is not an end of days scenario, where people have stopped going to the movies,” Dergarabedian said. “But it has been a perplexing year with lots of unpredicability.”

It’s impressive that The Last Jedi isn’t estimated to top The Force Awakens in its first weekend. In my personal experience, I’ve found that many non-Star Wars fans are interested in watching the movie, slowly watching all the episodes. Maybe this could be turned over. Still, The Last Jedi will win big at the box office compared to other films released this year.

Source: Variety

Tokyo Disneyland Will Introduce Facial Recognition For Annual Passholders

As technology moves forward, the theme park experience changes accordingly. Inside The Magic reported that, according to The Asahi Shimbun, Tokyo Disneyland will implemente a new system for facial recognition for Annual Passholders. This decision has been made to improve the experience and eventually reduce the use of cast members at the ticket booths.

I’m curious how facial recognition technology could be used in other parks. Instead of using the Magic Band, you’re ticket, card transactions, and other information is linked to your face. With Face ID being introduced with the iiPhone X, facial recognition technology is catching fire among technology companies.

Tokyo Disneyland might currently plan on using it only por AP’s, but we could see how this technology can scale as it gets cheaper and easier to implement.

Source: Inside The Magic, The Asahi Shimbun

Kevin Flynn Of Laughing Place Reports The Recent Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

Kevin Flynn reports in first person his experience on the 2017 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend of runDisney.

Participating in one of these runs is in my bucket list. I love the fact that Kevin notices that the marathon is still fun even if youre not in perfect form, as you can watch the several runners in their Disney costumes.

Source:The Laughing Place

Josh Spiegel Reflects On How Avengers: Infinity War Passes The Torch

This article of Josh Siegel from The Hollywood Reporter explains how the trailer of Avengers: Infinity War clearly states that a passing of the torch will happen, leading to a new storyline for Phase 4. This includes a new set of Avengers, that could refresh the story developed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spiegel emphasizes how new characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Ant Man have enough screen time to establish them as main characters of the film. Let’s not forget that Guardians Of The Galaxy are also in the mix.

Some weeks ago, I heard in a podcast how the MCU works more like a series than a collection of films. With the ending of Phase 3, we might see big changes coming for Phase/Season 4. Right now, there’s a renewed interested for Marvel among many audiences that haven’t seen most movies. Phase 4 delivers a new opportunity for audiences that have been engaged with lesser known characters like Guardians Of The Galaxy, Deadpool, Doctor Strange and Ant-Man.

Source:The Hollywood Reporter

Podcast: The Sentimental Economics Of Disney Vhs Tapes – Network 1901

On this episode of the Network 1901 podcast, they talk about how they feel about the several items of Disney merchandise they have collected over the years.

This episode was more sentimental for me than expected. I fondly remember my Disney VHS tapes with the Mickey hologram on the side. And let’s not forget the Walt Disney World ad at the beginning of most tapes, with Mickey Mouse at the top of Spaceship Earth.

I have a collection of pins, autographs, small objects and clothing from Disney. Sometimes I wonder when it will be time to let go. After all, we have feelings surrounding this objects. Its not about the objects; it is about the fond memories we have with Disney characters.

Source: Network 1901 Podcast

The Walt Disney Company: Coco Tops US Box Office as Thor:Ragnarok Hits $500 Million International

Bob Iger, Pixar and Marvel Studios should be really happy with those numbers:

Pixar’s Coco made a dazzling debut over Thanksgiving, opening at No. 1 domestically with $72.9 million over the five-day holiday weekend. The film has already made history in Mexico as the No. 1 release of all-time in local currency with more than 1 billion pesos. Embraced by audiences and critics alike, Coco earned an A+ CinemaScore and is Certified Fresh at 96% on RottenTomatoes.

Also, Coco is building up in international markets:

With an international cume of $82.3 million, Coco has taken in $155.2 million worldwide through November 26. It expands internationally next week to France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Israel, Thailand, Panama and Peru.

And Thor: Ragnarok isn’t left behind:

With a thunderous $791.5 million at the worldwide box office, including $277.7 million domestically and $513.8 million internationally, Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok has surpassed $500 million internationally and sits on the cusp of $800 million worldwide. It is Marvel Studios’ ninth film to top $700 million worldwide and Disney’s fourth release of the year to do so. With an A CinemaScore and 92% Certified Fresh on RottenTomatoes, Thor: Ragnarok opened domestically November 3 with $122.7 million, maintaining Marvel Studios’ unbroken streak of No. 1 debuts.

Disney has had a great year of films, ending up with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There’s no doubt Lucasfilm will win big at the box office, but can it top Episode 7 and the roster of Marvel films from this year?

Source: The Walt Disney Company