Podcast: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Holiday Spectacular – The Talk Show ✪

During the past weeks I’ve been listening to several podcast about The Last Jedi. Besides being a Disney fan, I’m an Apple nerd. This podcast is usually a tech show by John Gruber, but in this episode they got deep about the different topics surrounding Episode 8.

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Podcast: Star Wars The Last Jedi Christmas Special — Hello Internet

The Hello Internet Podcast has done a Star Wars review since The Force Awakens. This year’s review is a tough one to swallow, as there’s few positive opinions to Episode 8. For me it was more of a crazy rant of how Star Wars is doomed. Still, it is an interesting listen if you want to understand different opinions about the film.

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Podcast: Disneyland’s Second Christmas – Disney History Institute

As part of the seasonal podcast, the Disney History Insitute released a second episode regarding how was Christmas done in the second year of Disneyland. It is interesting to see how the traditions in the parks start evolving to what we know today.

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Podcast: The Psychology of Disney Pin Trading – Modern Mouse Radio

I’ve been a pin collector for many years, but haven’t heard about all the intricate details behind the hardcore pin trading community or the marketing techniques involved in this type of merchandise. This episode of Modern Mouse Radio from Network 1901 explains in-depth the origins of Disney pin trading, the community that surrounds it and why it is so successful.

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