Music Album Review: You’ll Find Me On Main Street By Tammy Tuckey

Many artists release their own take at Disney songs from the parks, films, and TV. Most of these albums are just a rendition of songs without a clear concept or through line. Tammy Tuckey has released ‘You’ll Find Me On Main Street’, an album that blends popular pieces to more personal songs, all with a clear concept.

Tammy Tuckey is the host of ‘The Tiara Talk Show’ podcast, who has interviewed many Disney artists from different areas and projects. With her ability to find obscure or unknown talent from Disney for interviews, she has a surprising number of artists who collaborated in many songs.

‘Tomorrow’s Child/ New Horizons’, a piece filled with hope that relives the nostalgia of a beloved attraction, kicks off the album with an arrangement that seamlessly blends both songs. The song also includes many technical flourishes, showing Tammy’s vocal skills. Subtle details and nuances make the track feel like it was made in the 80’s, an artistic decision that helps you transport to Epcot during those golden years.

Next song is ‘Someone Like Me’, a track from the Doug musical that performed at Disney-MGM Studios during the 90’s. I never heard of this piece, but it is a welcome addition of the album. It keeps the nostalgic mood of Horizons, slowly bringing up the cheer. The theme of hope transforms into joy as we head over to ‘The Great Outdoors’, a theme park classic from the Magic Kingdom. Tammy is accompanied with Byron Berline, the original banjo player from all the iterations of The Country Bears. This iteration of the song doesn’t derive too much from the original track.

In the middle of the album, the best track shows up. ‘Two Brothers’, featuring Ali B Olmo who sings the original track from The American Adventure, has some great interesting touches that transform the piece into the emotional track it is. It’s slow pace and simplicity bring this track to the main stage.

’Strangers Like Me’ is one of my all time favorite Disney movie songs. This cover uses percussions from the great Mike McKee that brings an energy on par with the original. The arrangement feels less grand, focusing more on the percussions and the vocals with offers a different taste for the track.

‘Celebrate The Future Hand In Hand’ and ‘Remember The Magic’ close the album with the same message of hope and joy that is introduced in the beginning. Each song has its own style that gives the lyrics a different message. This album portrays hope and moving forward in a way that is needed in the current moments of uncertainty.

Overall, ‘Youll Find Me On Main Street’ is an album that decides to deliver more than just a tribute of beloved songs. Tammy Tuckey takes the tracks and give them a structure so that they fit in the concept of the album. This is why it deserves a listen from many fans whose hopes are also reflected in these songs.

‘You’ll Find Me On Main Street’ is her debut album and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.