My Favorite Disney Podcasts

My habit of listening to podcasts started around 2013. It was a great way to give some Disney flavor in my boring commute to my university. Over time, I began subscribing to more shows than I could handle. Even though the shows range from a variety of topics, Disney podcasts always have a special time.

First Things First

If you’re an iOS user and don’t listen to podcasts with the Overcast app, you’re doing it all wrong. This great app from Marco Arment has a great interface and many nitpicky options, but the killer features of this app are Voice Boost and Smart Speed. Voice Boost equalizes the audio so the voices sound much louder and crispier, a common problem for many podcasts that don’t have studio quality equipment. Smart Speed shortens silences in the podcast, between the conversation, without you even noticing. This feature alone will save you lots of time (357 hours in my case) without you even feeling it.

Also, the dark theme is great and includes some practical organizing features for podcast listeners.

Try this app with just a few podcasts and you’ll thank me later.

For Android users, PocketCast is a good app too.

The Retired Show That Started It All: Inside The Magic

An article about Disney podcasts wouldn’t debe complete for me if I didn’t mention Ricky Brigante’s show. This was my very first Disney podcast show and I loved it. Every week, my commute would be filled with Disney news.

Even though it has been retired for several years, it still has a sweet spot in my heart.

All Time Classics: Enchanted Tiki Talk, WDW Today, and WDW Radio Show

Even though these three podcast have different trajectories and topics, they are all classics for me. Every Disney fan that I know has heard one of these three at least once.

Enchanted Tiki Talk

If you want a relaxing talk about the Disney parks, especially about planning trips to WDW, Enchanted Tiki Talk is for you. The hosts are great chemistry, they always bring emotional stories, and the topics are diverse. My favorite episodes are those that they play a game were you try to eat for the whole day in a park with a tight budget.

Need a little Aloha in your life? Enchanted Tiki Talk is there to save you!

WDW Today

Len Testa has been running Touring Plans for a while as well as WDW Today. One of the few Disney podcast with 2 episodes or more per week, WDW Today is a must for any person who wants to learn more about how to plan your trip to Disney World. They always have some great insights about hotels, guest flow, ticketed events, and other fun things to do in the resort. Even though the original hosts passed the baton some years ago, changing the format, the show is still as insightful and fun as it always was.

WDW Radio Show

If you haven’t heard about Lou Mongello’s show, you’re living in the caves of Nature’s Wonderland. WDW Radio Show is a fun show to listen to because it is always filled with positivity, diverse topics, and a host that knows his stuff. If you can be part of the WDW Radio community, then you’ll have twice the fun. Even though some fans have differences with Mongello’s positivity, a podcast of his always has me energized about Disney after a long day of work.

Fun And Fancy Free: The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities, Golden Horseshoe Review and Network 1901

Sometimes you just want to listen to a great discussion about Disney regardless of the topic and even decompress with some interesting takes about the parks. This category is named Fun and Fancy Free because it delivers pure, straightforward fun listens for you to enjoy during a commute.

The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities

A recent contender in Disney podcasts, The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities is hosted by longtime YouTubers Rob (Rob Plays) and Christine (IvyWinter). The topics vary from episode to episode, but they’re mostly focused on the Disney resorts. Some of the funniest episodes are when they go on the craziest tangents, like when they discussed about an imaginary Disney crypto currency. This is one of those podcast that I highly recommend to binge listen, as many of the jokes are built upon past discussions. Also they do movie reviews every once in a while with diverting opinions.

Listen to this podcast and enjoy all the fun that Rob and Christine have to offer!

Golden Horseshoe Review

This is one of those podcast that doesn’t have a consistent schedule, but every time an episode appears on my podcast feed I immediately stop doing whatever task and hit the play button. A candid discussion about recent Disney trips, the Golden Horseshoe Review has short episodes that are filled with little details you haven’t noticed in your Disney trips. Even though this sounds like they’re constantly criticizing, these are informed opinions about the parks from theming, guest experience, food, attractions, and more. Yes, this podcast is as fun as the thrilling Golden Horseshoe Revue.

Network 1901

Another recent member of the Disney podcasting community, Network 1901 is a feed that has several podcast per week. Each show has its own topics. The DCC focuses on fun pop culture topics, while Modern Mouse Radio touches upon deeper topics about Disney and society. Another great show was the Disney Decade, which attempted to give a historical view about Michael Eisner’s tenure as CEO.

Deep Cuts: Disney History Institute, The Disney Dish, Dis Order, Retro Disney World

These podcast show that there is always a place for history about The Walt Disney Company. Each podcasts focuses on different aspects and deliver insightful stories about the parks, the movies, and the company as a whole.

Disney History Institute

This podcast is one of those lesser known shows that deserves to be in everyone’s podcast feed. Presented by Todd James Pierce, this podcast shines light on very obscure and unknown stories about the Disney parks, from the construction of Disneyland (Todd dedicated a whole book on this topic, Three Years In Wonderland, and it is the best researched unofficial retelling so far) to something as simple as the early beginning of Tinkerbell flying over the castle.

Todd James Pierce tells stories that you never thought to learn about, but once he mentions it, you just want to listen more about it!

The Disney Dish

Even though this is a better known podcast show, I mention it here because sometimes fans think it is only a ‘rumor corner’ show, but Len Testa and Jim Hill also tell great stories about the parks. Being an insider of the mouse for decades, Jim Hill always has great history to tell about specific events, attractions, and even Imagineers that worked for the company. Last time, they dedicated many episodes to tell stories about Disneyland bit by bit, adding some unknown stories that had an important effect on the events that occurred around that time. Yes, Jim Hill will also deliver many rumor about the park (that will probably be true), but he also knows his Disney history in a way few people can.


A recent entry to Disney podcasts, what stands out from Dis Order is its premise. Each episode talks about one movie from the Walt Disney Animation Studio in chronological order, delivering their thoughts, opinions, and some history about each movie. For me, this podcast has become the greatest excuse to rewatch many of my favorite movies, as well as movies that I haven’t revisited in quite a while. The hosts are real friends and it shows by their interactions. It is fun, honest, and insightful at the same time. Next time you watch a Disney classic, search to the episode of that movie and listen to a fine discussion from three Disney nerds.

Retro Disney World

My favorite podcast show of all time. Every time I listen to an episode of the Retro Disney World podcast, I have a certain feel of joy and happiness. Even though I’ve experienced very few of the areas and attractions that they’ve talked about, the hosts make you feel like you lived that moment in time with them. This podcast is for the nostalgics, the dreamers, the historians, and the fans that would want to experience the Disney World that once was.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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