‘The Incredibles 2’ Review: A Deserved Sequel That Is Just Popcorn Fun

It is hard to release a sequel 14 years after the original film and still live up to its predecessor.

It is hard to release a sequel 14 years after that feels completely different from its predecessor.

It is hard to release a sequel 14 after that is able to compete will all the superhero films that have been released in the past years.

Brad Bird did all of these with ‘The Incredibles 2’.

Believe me when I said this. Some critics will say that this movie isn’t better than the first one, and they have the right to say so. But they can’t say that the film brings many elements that lives up to its predecessor.

It is difficult to pinpoint how ‘The Incredibles 2’ manages to achieve so much in the movie, so let’s begin with some specific aspects.

It Isn’t a Superhero Film

Yes, The Incredibles are superheroes, but the plot doesn’t necessarily revolve around this. More than that, this is a film about family and trying to live up to expectations (kinda meta for a sequel).

Helen Parr tries to have a superhero life so politicians can approve the work of supers, while Bob tries to be a good father with all his children who are in different stages of life. Violet deals with the mood swings of a teenager, while Dash tries to balance school life with having fun. And Jack-Jack tries to handle its superpower but he can’t.

Every single member of the family is dealing with its own problems, which makes the film much more complex than the first film. The fact that Brad Bird decided to make the sequel without time jumps, barely a few months after the first film, allows for these conflicts to work. They are all relatable, making it the ultimate family movie for this year’s summer season.

This isn’t your Marvel origin story. In fact, the film makes the superheroes feel like they are just doing their job. This is a welcome idea because of how many superhero films we have consumed over the years that is just about the superhero struggling to use its powers, having an all-evil villain, and later saving the day even though he barely knows how to use his powers.

The Action Sequences Should That Kevin Feige Envies

From the very first action sequence, there’s a style and a pacing that feels fresh, original, and impressive. Every single frame explains the actions in a clear, directed manner that even ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ struggles to do in its big action set pieces. This shows the ability that Brad Bird has to strip down every single detail that confuses the audience, using the camera from different angles to establish the movement.

The action sequences that ‘The Incredibles 2’ delivers has a clear through line and art direction that make them unique and different. The fight scene between Screenslaver and Elastigirl is one of the most impressive animation I’ve scene in a while, with and art direction that makes it unique.

Which is exactly what many action sequences miss in other superhero films. It isn’t only about the action sequence, but about how you can deliver insightful information and make it visually interesting besides the camera movement.

In this area, ‘The Incredibles 2’ gets an A+.

Pure Pixar Comedy

This film has so much comedy without feeling like the kind of comedy you could be used to from a Marvel film. Jack-Jack steals the show when we talk about comedy, but there are many subtle details and gags in the movie. What makes them original is that the comedy relates to the story and the gags are true to the situations of each character.

The interactions between Edna Mode and Jack-Jack are one of the highlights, creating a unique relationship to both characters. This is a clear example of how situations could be created in such a way to create funny moments that have more legs beyond the simple laughter.

It Is A Genre Film, Not An Animated Film

Brad Bird has created an action packed genre movie while using animation as a medium. This is something that gives ‘The Incredibles 2’ its own identity. It still feels like a Pixar film, but it deviates in many ways.

A Compelling Villain

In a world were superhero films are filled with disposable enemies, ‘The Incredibles 2’ has a villain that has a clear intention that relates to the conflict suggested throughout the film of legalizing supers. Evelyn Deavor fights against it with smart plans that really cornered the main characters in compelling ways.

Popcorn Fun

In the end, this is a fun film for everyone to enjoy. Even though the plot leads to some deep themes, it all works in favor of the story development. Many people will consider it is a superior film than its predecessor, others will think it lives up to the first film. It doesn’t matter what you think, this is a well written and spectacularly directed film from Brad Bird, whose taste for action movies has been translated from live action to the animated medium.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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