What FanDaze Told Us About Disneyland Paris

Over the past weekend, the Disney FanDaze event took over Disneyland Paris. A myriad of long forgotten characters posed for meet & greets such as Hunchback, Milo from Atlantis, Eddie Valiant, Roger Rabbit, Meg, and much more. In short, the event was a complete fan service pleaser for many fans and press invitees. Even though attendance was low, the event had the energy that is seen in more popular parks like Disneyland or Magic Kingdom.

After watching this event, many questions opened up about the overall strategy for Disneyland Paris. Here are some things that were important during this event that showed fans a great, big, beautiful tomorrow.

Disneyland Paris Is Important

Neglected for many years, the company wants to show that the park is important and their focus is to be as top quality as any other park around the world. With further improvements and refurbishments along the way, Disney has made sure that the park starts having much better maintenance compared to its dark past.

Disneyland Paris has the unique opportunity to become a great park. Since its original opening, very few has changed about it. Even though it is smaller, there’s room for new attractions and experiences in every land. If Disney is willing, they could make Disneyland Paris just as prominent as Tokyo Disneyland.

European Fans Deserve Attention

Even though Disney made a move on inviting many press groups from the US, this event showed how important it was for them to involve fans from Europe for this event. Disney knows how important a consistent fan base could be, especially for a struggling park like Disneyland Paris. AP’s and recurring guests could help the park have some recurring revenue while they conquest other countries from the European market.

This park has the unique opportunity of being in the midst of the European Union which allows millions of guests to have easier access to the parks and France as a whole.

Events Should Be Really Good

When fans started seeing how many rare characters appeared in the event for meet & greets, it is inevitable to consider even visiting the park for next year’s FanDaze. These events are for the loyal, hardcore fans, but as word of mouth starts building, some people might be interested in showing up with their families. I believe that events give Disneyland Paris a unique opportunity because they are competing with the many tourist opportunities around Paris. A family could visit the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and Champs Elysses. They take a rest, go ahead to Disneyland Paris at night and enjoy an event that makes them see the park as part of their visit. Going forward, Disney should consider these opportunities to draw the attention of tourist planners and offer these events for families that want to visit the park but don’t have the time to enjoy a full day experience.

Besides these events for normal tourists, I expect more events coming for the parks to invite more fans to the park. Events related to food, similar to Food & Wine, could be a great opportunity for the parks as well as seasonal events. These efforts bring extra revenue to the park and cater to specific targets within the fandom.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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