John Lasseter: 6 Months Later

A few days before the premiere of Coco, John Lasseter announced his 6 month leave of absence due to sexual misconduct, a shocking move to many Pixar fans but a well known problem in the industry. Pixar, a male dominant studio, had already known of some problems that women had about Lasseter ’s behavior. What was once a friendly approach during the early days of the studio became a problem that John had to face.

Six months later, we haven’t heard a thing about John Lasseter coming back. Will he retire? Should he come back?

We still don’t know much of the details behind the management of the studio, but what could be an opportunity to change leadership or a moment to highlight females in the studio has been more of a silent calm. Have women at Pixar being heard? These two problems, leadership and gender equality, need to be balanced if the studio wants to move forward. Lasseter ’s leave of absence could have been more catastrophic, but Disney appears to have had a plan to deal with the collateral damage. A complete shake up isn’t expected if the problem is only one person, but it will be interesting how Lasseter fits within Pixar after the allegations.

If Lasseter understood the consequences of his behavior and he is willing to fix the culture within the studio, then his return could be welcomed as long as he understands that it is time for new leadership to take over after cleaning up the mess. Moving the chess pieces to a different direction before his return would show outsiders a good sign. Even though John Lasseter is the main person, this doesnt mean there couldn’t be other misconducts from other people of the studio. Lets hope it isn’t the case.

The Disney-Pixar brand hasn’t been affected by this situation. The move of leaving right before being caught and being clear about his actions allowed for the press to talk for some weeks as some other personalities told their side of the story. Two weeks after the press release, most critics and insiders went silent. They were too occupied giving critical acclaim to Coco. Audiences acknowledged the problem, but they didn’t attack Pixar or other talent from the studio. Yes, Pixar is aligned to Lasseter ’s DNA, but it has proven that their projects are done with a massive group of talented individuals.

People still expect the Incredibles 2. Coco still became a highly acclaimed film. The shadow of Lasseter wasn’t enough to tarnish decades of storytelling excellence.

Will John come after or before Incredibles 2? We don’t know. Pete Docter is mentioned as a posible replacement, but no confirmation has shown. With Lasseter leaving the directorial helm for Toy Story 4, many have expected a complete retirement. It still begs the question of who will handle his leadership. Whether it is by adding more women to the Brain Trust, choosing a new Chief Creative Officer or with a return from Lasseter, Pixar has to show that it learns from its mistakes because the main problem is how management accepted this behavior for so long.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

Creo en la creatividad como un estilo de vida.