Negativity in Star Wars Fandom

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm, they had to deal with the raising eyebrows of long time fans of the famous galaxy from far, far away. It happened first when they cancelled The Clone Wars TV series in favor of Star Wars. Then, fans had to deal about their favorite Star Wars novels being stripped out of canon, adding them to what is now known as Star Wars Legends. This community also raged when the company didn’t consider any story ideas from George Lucas for Episodes 7 to 9 (later to be found false, as many elements have appeared). But the single biggest rage appeared in the form of “The Last Jedi” haters, blaming Rian Johnson to have ruined their childhood, boycotting the review metrics from Rotten Tomatoes, striking against Luke Skywalker’s portrayal.

It is hard for me to know if this kind of negativity skyrocketed with the Lucasfilm acquisition, as many fans also raged during the prequel era, but it has slowly caught fire in such a way that it feels toxic.

The next target for these haters is “Solo”, opening in theaters May 25. Even though the film hasn’t even been widely released, with a premiere in May 10, individuals have already found their way to express their irrational opinions.

“Solo” has already a rough start, with a complete directorial turnover and rumors about Alden Ehrenreich’s difficulty to perform the smuggler we all know(which aren’t really true). The marketing team has done a great job at changing this perspective with several stories, trailers and teasers. Most recently, Billy Dee Williams (who portrayed Lando Calrissian in the original trilogy) was invited to the premiere and Harrison Ford did a surprise appearance to Alden Ehrenreich in a recen interview. Donald Glover has already become a main influencer in attracting people to the theatre seats, as well as the enthusiasm from director Ron Howard and screenwriters Lawrence and Jon Kasdan.

These efforts don’t seem enough for the already negative fans. Groups in social media have been vocal about boycotting “Solo”. These people, who had a love for the franchise, have decided to bury it instead of understanding that maybe they might not like the movie, but they still enjoy other areas of fandom. As a recent Star Wars convert, one of the things I love the most about Star Wars is that you can be interested in very niche topics or specific merchandise, giving room to many fans with different ways to express their fandom. But the hater seem to forget this aspect altogether.

The reactions from the unhappy fans reflect a world were we just moan about stuff we don’t like, even though there will always be things we don’t enjoy in the world. Lucasfilm has done the difficult job of refueling the franchise with new series coming up, the sequel trilogy, a theme park area, new books, and more. They are doing the best to move forward while many fans are holding them back.

Maybe this negativity is a very loud minority, but it is affecting the landscape of the franchise. Let’s just hope they consider the potential of a brighter future, just like Marvel fans have experienced a Renaissance they never thought of in their wildest dreams. “Solo” promises to reunite the fandom as a palate cleanser from “The Last Jedi”, but it will be a difficult remedy to swallow if the fans are already hesitant to give it a try.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

Creo en la creatividad como un estilo de vida.