Book Review: Smuggler’s Run

Now that the Solo film is coming near, I decided to take a leap at some of the books published about Han and Chewie. Smuggler’s Run by Greg Rucka was released under the Journey of The Force Awakens series. It is a short story about the two buddies between Episode IV and V.

Han is convinced by Leia to search for a rebel that has a lot of intelligence information regarding the weapons and bases of the Alliance. The trip takes them to uncharted territories of the Outer Rim to find the planet Cyrken. Captain Beck, of the Empire, notices the Falcon heading near the planet were Ematt, the hidden rebel, is supposed to be.

The story moves forward filled with every single detail of this Hand and Chewie adventure. We meet Delia, a friend of both smugglers, and helps them during their search for the rebel. They are later attacked by bounty hunters as they try to fulfill this near suicide plan.

The book has a fun story that gives some backstory to Hand and Chewie, but it isn’t necessary reading. If you enjoy a good story of Han, Chewie and the Falcon, then this is for you. Sometimes the story moves on slower than expected during the detailed descriptions of some action sequences, but I learned to appreciate it as the story moves forward. In the epilogue, you understand why the story is being told at such detail.

I’m interested to read more about Han and Chewie, but overall this is a good place to start if you want a straightforward story that gives no further information from the movies. If you’re a fast reader, it takes around to hours to finish the story. An action packed story, without many details about the characters, but a compelling villain that has the same vibe as some Imperial officers from Star Wars Rebels.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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