The Incredibles 2 Trailer Expands Takes Superpowers To Another Level

As a Disney fan, you’ve probably watched The Incredibles 2 trailer. If not, here it is for you to enjoy:

As I was watching the trailer, I couldn’t stop think about how bigger the world of the family looks. Every single character had slightly different design, much more detailed compared to the first movie. This isn’t a surprise, as the rendering technology from Pixar has evolved immensely. It is instantly noticeable between the films of Toy Story or even comparing Finding Nemo to Finding Dory.

The second aspect that I noticed is that the superpowers shown in the trailer from Jack Jack are out of this world. With an intense super hero driven box office these days, you need strong powers that are delightful to new audiences. At the same time, it was shown very little fighting or even small hints about a final battle. Yes, there are scenes in the beginning of the film, but it is thrown as an example rather than the big climax of the film. The sequel seems to be much more centered about the struggles the family keeps having to balance between saving lives and having a normal life.

Even though I’ve been worried about the sequels at Pixar, The Incredibles is the one film I always wanted a second story to be developed. A decade later, here it is, and it is ready to surprise us on June 15.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

Creo en la creatividad como un estilo de vida.