With That New Star Wars Trilogy, A Strategy Starts To Shape Up

Forget about the new trilogy from Rian Johnson. The Game Of Thrones gang is coming to do some interesting work in the force and Star Wars fans can’t be any happier about it. Why? Because with their input, Star Wars will start breathing its own life instead of relying exclusively on nostalgia.

During the quarterly earnings, Bob Iger announced that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will work on an upcoming series of films for the galaxy. According to the story, Kathleen Kennedy was interested in them to make a TV series, as their work from Game Of Thrones has been praised since the very beginning. The producers told her they wanted to do a series of films in a very specific part of the timeline. That, my fellow readers, are happy fans doing the Star Wars films they always wanted to do. And if they achieve their dreams, it will probably also achieve the dreams of millions of Star Wars fans.

The timing for this announcement seems odd, as many people wondered already about Lucasfilm’s next steps after the sequel trilogy and the turmoil that The Last Jedi did for the fans. That coupled with the fact that Rian announced that he’s also planning its own trilogy of Star Wars films and you have enough to bring some negative criticism. Oh, and let’s not forget the desperation of the fans to see a glimpse of the new Han Solo film.

But the fact that Kathleen is bringing the producers of Game Of Thrones shows their commitment to the beloved galaxy. Not only that, but they also announced that Lucasfilm is working on several (yes, more than one) series about Star Wars. Even though Bob Iger said there is no talent attached right now to the projects, they are in the negotiation process to acquire great talent.

Maybe some fans are still worried, maybe some of them don’t even like Game Of Thrones. What they can’t say is that Lucasfilm isn’t doing their best job to develop interesting stories for Star Wars. We might even see some stories from the expanded universe in the new projects, making them canon. Pablo Hidalgo has hinted that the Solo movie will be very similar in tone to the trilogy of books from the EU, which means that these past stories also inform the future projects.

An overall strategy is starting to shape up. Maybe the trilogies are the tent pole, Avengers-style movies that establish the main story points of the galaxy, while the TV series can show side missions of other characters that are also part of the main arc. If this turns out true, then many fans can finally say that Star Wars is in good hands, with enough stories to keep us intrigued about what’s coming next.

Even though I have my criticisms about Kathleen Kennedy, at least she isn’t stopping to do her best on the job. What many producers consider a daunting task, Kathleen is moving swiftly towards an ideal strategy that keeps the fans and the creators happy. In the end, even many of the talent working for Lucasfilm are huge fans of the same films they are working on.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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