‘Solo’ Could Be A Star Wars Western

After much speculation with the release date of ‘Solo’ on the horizon, an impressive teaser trailer has been released along with a Super Bowl TV Spot. We still have to see a full trailer, as Lucasfilm clearly labels it a teaser trailer, but we can see where Star Wars is heading.

Let’s remember that, after all, Star Wars has been mainly a sci fi soap opera. Without the special effects, the Skywalker family could easily fit within the soap operas on TV. With the sequel trilogy of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, we still see this recurring theme of relations within the characters. Everything changed with Rogue One, adding much more military flare to the galaxy we all love.

And with Solo, it is time that Star Wars gets some spaghetti western in the mix.

Think about it. One frame of the teaser trailer clearly states this comparison. But in the end, this is a western. Han and Chewie, partners from the old West. Lando, your usual gambler with the best horses (or spaceships) in the stable. All of them moving from town to town, searching for loots to survive.

There has been negativity surrounding this film, mainly because of the directorial shake up and the fact that The Last Jedi left many fans wondering if they’ll even like Star Wars anymore. Solo can pick up those pieces and launch us into a different adventure, just like Rogue One did in 2016.

Few people remember that Star Wars fans also had mixed hopes for Rogue One, which ended up becoming a solid movie detailing one of the most compelling missions in the saga.

Maybe Alden Ehrenreich does not even sound like Harrison Ford, but he has the cadence in his voice and the physical movement to deliver a convincing Han Solo. Donald Glover fits perfectly with Lando Calrissian, with his charm and presence. Let these guys take you into the western genre and see how Star Wars can make it great.

In 1977, George Lucas taught us that soap operas in the galaxy could be compelling. In 2016, Rogue One taught us that warfare could be the main focus in a Star Wars film.

Solo might actually teach us how Han is the wildest cowboy in the whole galaxy.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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