IvyWinter: My Strategy For Getting On Rides At Pandora

Since the opening of Pandora, the land has received hours of long waiting lines for Flight Of Passage and Navi River Journey. In this video, Christine explains the different strategies you could use to visit the land and the attractions with shorter queues. You may think that the only way to do it is with FastPass, but there are many turnarounds you could use if you don’t have them.

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Wotso Videos: Why Cassandra Wasn’t At Rapunzel’s Wedding

This is a new channel for DisOutsider, but it has been discussing Disney stories for quite a while. Isaac from Wotso Videos explains how Rapunzel’s best friend from the series isn’t in her wedding from the short film, trying to find reasons behind this decision. Consider this channel one of the most well-thought Disney channels out there and I highly suggest subscribing.

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DSNY Newscast: Rumored Plans For Disney’s Animal Kingdom In The Next 10 Years

In this new video, Jack explains what we can expect in Animal Kingdom after de 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. Around the rumors he discusses a possible Indiana Jones land, how Zootopia could be shelved and Joe Rohde’s influence for the upcoming projects. Jack also talks about the Disney Skyliner, the Tron Coaster, and the future of the Tomorrowland Speedway.

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Former Disney Star Suspected Of Armed Robbery

OC Register:

Former Disney star Adam Hicks was arrested with his girlfriend Wednesday morning, Jan. 24, in connection with an eye-catching number of armed street robberies in Burbank, authorities said.

“I’d say four street robberies back to back is pretty unusual,” said Burbank Police Department Lt. Claudio Losacco.

Burbank residents Hicks, 25, and Danni Tamburo, 23, were arrested in connection with the robberies, the Burbank Police Department said.

Well, this is akward.

Source:OC Register

The Last Jedi Novelization Features Some Deleted Scenes

This new episode of the Star Wars show shows some of the experiences you can enjoy at Star Wars Day At Sea aboard the Disney Cruise Line, but the most intriguing announcement is the fact that ‘The Last Jedi’ novelization brings some new deleted scenes from the film, including more Canto Bight, a scene between Rose and Paige, and the funeral for Han Solo. With the release of the novel, there could be more details to discuss. Like there isn’t enough discussion about The Last Jedi, right?

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