FastPass Could Become Fa$tCa$h Without Any Benefit

There are rumors that Disney might be testing a $50 fee for an additional 3 FastPasses. In a recurring strategy of maximizing revenue by allowing some experience for money, this seems like the next step where the experience that used to be for everyone could now be for a reduced audience willing to give as much money to ensure their Disney experience is perfect.

Maybe this is a decision in response to Universal Express, the premium ticket offer by Universal to evade lines throughout their parks. So, why shouldn’t Disney try a similar strategy if Universal has been quite succesful in a similar offering?

The difference is that Universal makes a clear line; if you don’t pay, you’ll have to wait in line. In the case of Disney, everyone has the right for 3 Fastpass reservations. After using them, you can reserve to other experiences throughout the park. A $50 fee is added to the normal pass to add 3 more initial FastPass. Here we have a short sighted decision where Disney isn’t even sure what to do since the Magic bands transition, were now the fastness delivery is being achieved through Disney’s app. Now we need to embrace this new system with the added expense of adding fastness for a fee. This is in a similar vein to Disneyland’s max pass.

I understand that the Disney parks are a business after all, were maximizing revenue is important. What makes me cringe with these experimentations is that the guests aren’t receiving any improved experience by throwing money at Disney. Here we are with the same problems with untrained cast members, huge crowd problems, and attractions that haven’t received the necessary refurbishment to keep it updated and on a pristine working condition. If im paying an extra $50 to add FastPass, I want a good maintenance on Audio-Animatronics in any attraction. The problem I have is that this decision only maximizes revenue without adding any improvement to the management of the parks.

Let’s take into account that this offering is being presented for Disney Vacation Club members and not any guest from the Disney resort or even off site park goers. This may make sense, as DVC members are already willing to give more money to maximize their experience. It is in their hands to prove Disney wrong or right about this decision, as the decision depends if there’s a market for it.

Yes, Disney is a business after all, but maybe maximizing every single space and opportunity for profit may end up shortening the market in such a way that their growth will stop happening when few families are able to visit the parks. I’m worried many kids wont be able to give their children the experience they had when they become parents.

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

Creo en la creatividad como un estilo de vida.