State Of The Walt Disney Company: 2018 Should Be The Year Of Consistency

In 2017, The Walt Disney Company had one of the most successful years of the company. Several movies were released to critical acclaim, Disney Parks kept in constant growth, and they began one of the most important sales in Hollywood’s history. Bob Iger is happy, but that doesn’t mean there’s still room for improvement.

One of the most important things that Disney should be aiming is consistency, something we are not getting from all the divisions. I understand how big the company is and the complexities of each film division, with its own creative culture. In this complexity is where Disney should have some traction to stabilize and try out different ways to handle each division.

This current theme of consistency expands throughout most divisions and needs to be handled with care. With the Disney/Fox deal going on, maybe it is the moment when it is difficult to have each area of the company firing on all cylinders.

We need to understand better what is going on with some areas. One example is the current amount of offerings at the parks. Even though we have a lot of attractions on the way, other areas of the parks are in an undesirable state. Other case is the merchandise, were there is an impressive amount of offerings that might confuse the consumer, especially with the toys. The more confusion, the fewer sales, and the brand loses its value.

I’m not expecting a negative year for Disney. If 2017 went great with some minor details, 2018 could be the strongest year we’ve ever seen for the company if they play their cards accordingly. There’s time to regroup and let the company be directed to one path with Bob Iger staying as CEO for a couple of years. The company still is understanding how big it is right now with Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and now Fox under their wings. It is time to consolidate the culture of the brand so that these divisions can breathe freely in a healthy, creative and consistent environment.

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Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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