IvyWinter: What Every First Time Visitor To Disney World Should Know

Christine explains some thoughts about first time visitors to Disney World in regards to expectations. These tips are great if you are about to take a trip with a first time visitor or just giving suggestions to them.

One of the most important aspects that Christine mentions is that you can’t do every single attraction. I’ve had many friends that try to do everything with their families, ending exhausted and with a horrible vacation. Even when you guide them to enjoy the scenery, the theming and taking it all in, most first time visitors are plagued with this attraction-marathon mentality.

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New Details Revealed For Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney Parks revealed more details about enhancements added to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Among these changes include a reimagined Old Port Royale, an expanded and enclosed Centertown Market, a new table service restaurant named Shutters, the poolside bar Banana Cabana and Calypso Trading Post will offer merchandise options for Disney shoppers.

These announcements are part of the 12 Days of Disney Parks Christmas promotion, were new announcements are being published daily in the Disney Parks Blog.

Source: Disney Parks Blog

RobPlays: Why Did Disney Stop Selling Ticket Books?

In this video, Rob explains the transition between the ticket books and the full day tickets used today in Disney parks. You may think it was a simple decision, but the transition might have a background you wouldn’t expect. In this aspect, Rob explores how competition of different parks also helped in pressuring Disney to make the decision.

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