DSNY Newscast: Rumored Layout For Guardians Rollercoaster Coming To Epcot

Jack from DSNY Newscast just released a new video explaining in detail the article that appeared in WDW News Today. Besides that, he comments on the new castle redesign in Hong Kong Disneyland, the upcoming movies for 2018 and the Disney/ Fox deal.

I haven’t commented on this article from WDW News Today, as most of the details delivered seem fairly speculative and superficial. They have a good record regarding inside sources, but this information seems to difficult to understand. Due to the massive show building of Universe Of Energy, it makes no sense at all that it will be used only as a queue. Even though they’re expecting huge crowds when it opens, I believe the show building will be used as part of the attraction.

Another comment is the fact that Groot and Rocket in the queue could just be projections. This is a lost opportunity, as they showed in Disney’s California Adventura what they could do with Rocket as an Audio-Animatronic. Maybe it won’t bother me if it is as well executed as in the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey queue, were the projections blend really well with the area.

At last, I always expected the roller coaster to be family friendly due to the demographic of the movies. Maybe we’ll see a more interesting layout than the one described in the article, as the attraction could be oriented to older kids/teens.

Jack does a great job explaining visually the WDW News Today article. There’s still lots of details that haven’t surfaced, but the Guardians Of The Galaxy attraction is starting to look as a worthy ride to Future World.

You can watch the video here:

Source: DSNY Newscast

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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