Bye Olaf: Frozen Short Will Be Removed From Coco

According to Mashable, Disney has decided to remove the 20 minute short that has been criticized. This is a move that caught many people by surprise, as Disney seems to be stubborn enough to add this short instead of being part of an ABC special.

Even though I understand why many people blame Frozen, this shouldn’t be how Disney handles the situation. OrangeGrove55 just posted a video considering that the reactions to the Frozen short have been exaggerated by haters of the IP.

Here’s my take on why adding the Frozen short in the beginning of Coco instead of playing it on television wasn’t the right decision at all:

  1. It broke a tradition: for many Pixar fans, the short at the beginning is just as important as the feature film. Adding a short that isn’t Pixar broke a tradition many fans enjoy.
  2. It’s supposed to be a short: it is clear the original intent of the Frozen short as a television special, due to the 20 minute length. Even if the short is good, it is way too long for the beginning of a feature film. If they wanted to show Frozen in theaters, they could have re-edited the short to fit more within the format.
  3. It’s a marketing ploy: I’m not against marketing. What I’m against is bad, short-sighted marketing. The decision to add Frozen to Coco was only to refresh audiences about the franchise, with a sequel in the works for November 2019. People who are sick of Frozen had to watch it again. At least as a television special, you can turn off the TV if you don’t want more Olaf in your life.
  4. It hurts Pixar: if the speculation that Disney added Frozen to Coco because they thought the target audience was too narrow, it shows that Disney doesn’t believe in diversity at all. Maybe the box office from Mexico and the US showed the company that the film sustains itself and there’s no need to shoehorn Frozen.

I haven’t seen the film. It will be released on November 8th in Venezuela. I don’t care if Frozen appears at the beginning of the film. I just want Disney to understand how this decision affected the Frozen franchise and the filmgoers that wanted to see a diverse Pixar film.

Source: Mashable, OrangeGrove55

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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