Laughing Place: The People Vs. Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

This article from Alex Reif of Laughing Place has some interesting points concerning the criticism of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure.

In my opinion, what makes this case worse is the fact that we missed the tradition of a Pixar short at the beginning of every Pixar film.

Disney shouldn’t have shoehorned a Frozen short just for marketing purposes. Was Disney afraid Coco wouldn’t be a success because the target audience was too narrow? I doubt it. The Hispanic and Latino community in the US is strong(17%) and the Day of the Dead is known well around the world.

This looks more of a case of Disney being afraid people forget Frozen before the sequel. And because of that, audiences have a two hour show. Actually, we can say Disney got back to the package film business with this nonsensical marketing decision.

Source:The Laughing Place

Author: Rafael Gorrochotegui

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